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Pre-engineered Buildings, Industrial Sheds , Cold Formed Sections


With over 25 years of experience, Frontline is one of the best Indian company in the industry providing integrated design, engineering, manufacturing and execution of metal building solutions to clients.

Below is the list of some of our many achievements so far :

  1. More than 500 projects executed in India.
  2. Over 80,000 m2 of roofing & cladding installed per year.
  3. We have built re-locatable mobile 15 meters span buildings ,without permanent foundations at JNPT.
  4. A building with a crane gantry of 100 MT.
  5. Two storyed textile processing unit for a load designed for 750 kgs/m2 .
  6. A three storyed chemical factory suitable for heavy-duty operations on each floor.
  7. Multi storey Structure for a Paper Mill suitable for a boiler and a super structure to support the load of a water tank of 30,000 litres capacity.
  8. Accommodated the elimination of a 12 meters spaced column ( resulting in a spacing of 24 meters ) in a building with 2 Nos.20MT EOT running cranes.
  9. A mezzanine floor for installation of heavy machinery designed for a load of 2 MT/m2
  10. In keeping with our role of a trendsetter , we have already extended the concept to multistoried offices and commercial complex's , Banquet halls and Restaurants.